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Renew Bangladesh Passport Procedure Step-by-Step Guide

How to renew Bangladesh passport? See details in Bangladesh passport renewal form or MRP passport renewal form Bangladesh and Bangladesh passport renewal fee.

How to Renew Bangladesh Passport?

  1. Fill up the Bangladesh passport renewal form.
  2. one photocopy of the current passport
  3. Bank receipt of the Bangladesh passport renewal fee payment attached with the application form.
  4. No police verification is needed if you aren’t changing your address on the renew Bangladesh passport.
  5. In most cases, only picture change may be necessary to renew Bangladesh passport. The applicant must be physically present for the re-issuing/ renew Bangladesh passport.
  6. No attestation is necessary for renew Bangladesh passport.

Renewal of MRP (Machine Readable Passport)

Government of Bangladesh does not allow to renew or extend the validity of Machine-Readable Passports (MRP) as it expires. Instead of it issues a new MRP passport with full validity of 5 years or 10 years. The High Commission advises all to apply for a new MRP passport six months before the expiry of the validity of the existing passport. Unreasonable delay often requires for the Police verification MRP passport and may offset early issuance of passport.    To renew you have to fill up the MRP passport renewal form Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Form

You can apply Bangladesh passport renewal form here. Download Bangladesh passport renewal form

MRP Passport Renewal Form Bangladesh

You can apply MRP passport renewal form Bangladesh here. Download MRP passport renewal form Bangladesh

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Fee

If your passport hasn’t expired when you’re applying for a re-issue/ renew Bangladesh passport, you will not have to pay any extra fee. So, you have to pay these standard fees:

  1. Bangladesh passport renewal fee (Regular) is 3,450 BDT (taka). It takes time approx. somewhere between 4 to 5 weeks.
  2. Bangladesh passport renewal fee (Express) is 6,900 BDT (taka). It takes time approx. somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks.

If one day passed after the expiry, one needs to pay the full fee for the following one year that is equivalent to 345 BDT (taka) including VAT. So, if your passport expired in January 2018, and you’re renewing in February 2020, you’ll need to pay Tk. 345 x 2 (for two years) Tk. 690 extra.

You can pay for the bangladesh passport renewal fee at any branch of the following banks:

  • Bank Asia
  • Dhaka Bank
  • Premiere Bank
  • Trust Bank Ltd
  • One Bank

In addition to all of the above, you can also pay the Bangladesh passport renewal fee at Sonali Bank. But I prefer to pay at one of those above-mentioned banks as the queue is generally shorter there.

Once you’ve paid at any of the banks mentioned above and double-checked that your name is spelt correctly on the receipt, you can go to the Machine Readable Passport Online Application Website and download the DIP Form 2. For new applicant or new passport download the MRP passport renewal form Bangladesh (DIP Form 01)

To Apply ePassport go to the website

  • Fill the Bangladesh passport renewal form correctly with all mandatory fields(*) and click the “Save” button.
  • On successful completion of the first page of, you will receive an email containing your Application ID and Password. Please preserve your new/reissue/renew Bangladesh passport Application ID and Password carefully for future print/view/modification of the renew Bangladesh passport application or new passport application.
  • To submit your renew Bangladesh passport application/ new passport, click “submit” button. You will receive an “Online Application form” in pdf format from the website. After fill-up the Bangladesh passport renewal form, you have to report to the Passport Office for providing biometric data along with a printed version of the Online Application form.
  • After submission the Bangladesh passport renewal form, the system will assign you to your authorised Regional Passport Office. Your application of renewing Bangladesh passport shall remain valid for 15 days from the date of submission.
  • If PDF file reader is unavailable in your computer, then download acrobat reader from here.

Once you have done everything you need, you need to be physically present at the Dhaka Agargaon’s Regional Passport Office. You can submit for re-issuing your passport anytime before 2 PM on any working days. But it will be best if you can get there early time at 10 AM or 11 AM in the morning.

Where to go, what to do

Important: I’ve written these steps exactly in a present scenario. But these may change in the future. So, when you’re at the passport office, always ask the uniformed officers where to go next and they will help you with your re-issue/renew Bangladesh passport application process. 

For re-issue/ renew Bangladesh passport, you’ll only need one copy of the filled out DIP Form 2 with the bank receipt attached to the top right corner and one photocopy of your passport. The officers will check all of these at the entrance, write down a serial number on your form, and then let you into the office.

Go to room 301 and The officer of there may ask if your passport has a valid visa. Please tell them ‘yes’ if you do; otherwise, they might void/ reject your passport immediately.

After checking your documents and making sure that everything is all right, the officer will sign on your Bangladesh passport renewal form and tell you to go to room 307. Get a serial number on your form from there and go to Room 401. After your form is checked and signed at 401, you have to enter the waiting room. Room 404 is the bio-enrollment room (taking photographs, biometrics and signatures, fingerprints) for females while Room 405 is where you should queue up if you’re a male. It’s lots of time-consuming.

As a reminder, you should avoid wearing any white or light coloured shirt/dress. Present with all the documents to the operator and they will check and ask you some basic questions. Once this is done, they’ll print three copies of the confirmation/delivery slip and you will have to give it to them to sign and confirm.

You’re done! That’s it! The slip will have a tentative delivery date when you can expect to take delivery of the renew Bangladesh passport, however, you will need to wait for an SMS confirmation to your mobile phone and the number of which is also printed on the delivery slip.

Checking the status of your passport renewal online

Once the hard part is done, you can actually check the progress of your passport re-issuance by going to the link here and entering the application number which found on the delivery slip and your date of birth.

Taking delivery of the new passport

After receiving the SMS, go to the Agargaon passport office and visit the first floor (room 201). Submit your delivery slip. They will check if the new/ re-issue/ renew Bangladesh passport is indeed ready, then they will give you a token with a serial number printed. With the token in hand, it was the beginning of a waiting game again.

On the counter, You had to sign on the backside of the application form and that’s it. They will deliver the passport to you. Checked your name and other details to be sure all are accurate.

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