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Best Social Media Platform to Make Money Online & Get Paid

Are you looking for the best social media platform to make money? In this article, I will share which one is the best social media platform to make money. People may ask What social media platform makes the most money? So read the full article carefully to know all these things.

You can make money by getting a job, selling products, and collaborating with products on social media. Making money on social media is not easy, but it can be very rewarding. You just have to know where to start and enter the job. Think, you make more money on social media than you do with your 9-5. You wake up every morning, send a Tweet or post to Instagram.

You no longer have to go to work. Instead, you make money on your phone! Yes, it is entirely possible to make money through social media. People do it every day. Luckily for you, I will show you the best social networking sites for earning money. Get a job and you’ll start earning money right away!

In short, it depends on how much would you like to earn. According to my opinion from each & every social media platform, you can earn money. See below Top 07 Social Media Platform to Make Money

  1. Facebook
    1. Build community, increase followers on Facebook pages & groups to do any types of brand’s promotions or sell it to others.
    2. Make your own Facebook page & earn through selling products or affiliate marketing.
  2. Youtube
    1. YouTube is the best social media platform to make money that pays you most if you can make good & useful video content properly. 
  3. Instagram
    1. Same as Facebook mostly. But at a large scale & with the most captive yet engaging audience.
    2. Focus more on stories and amazing pictures for outreach & build adhere hashtag strategy.
  4. LinkedIn
    1. Connect with the decision-makers & business prospects directly with the sole intent of professionalism & business.
    2. Make a professional LinkedIn profile & Build communities there.
  5. Quora
    1. Here, you will be able to connect to one of the useful sharing industries & contributing knowledge for free.
    2. You may also connect with them directly & actively pursue them to convert conversation into a healthy business proposition without sounding desperate about earning money.
  6. Twitter
    1. Build followers on twitter & do promotions for other brands.
  7. Pinterest
    1. Focus more amazing pictures for outreach & build followers for your topic.

Details on Best Social Media Platform to Make Money

Any social media platform can be monetized. You need to find out which media is right for you. Once you have decided, start building your audience with a specific niche. A niche to focus something on interests. Maybe your niche is about making money or staying clean and organized. Most influencers start out broad and drive into their niche when they see which content works best.

Some social networks are very difficult to make money from. For example, you may be struggling to make money on Reddit. Reddit is a large community where people do not take kindly to promote themselves. So it is important how you use each social media platform to make money.

Which Social Media Platform is the Best to Make Money?

The best social media platform for making money entirely depends on your personality and what kind of content you like to use. If you are a writer and like to read articles and feel the need to be exposed to current topics around you, choose Twitter, Facebook. Post continuously, use the best hashtags, and engage with people, money will follow.

Youtube is one of the best social media platform to make money. If your channel exceeds a certain number of views and subscriptions you can apply to Adsense for monetization. They will review your channel and if it meets the requirements your channel will be approved. After that, the ads will start to show on your channel when some of the viewers click on the ad or watch it in full. After that, you will be paid. So you can earn good money every month.

how to make 20k in a month


YouTube is the best paid social media platform. It’s easy to connect with the audience around your niche. Video provides a format unlike anything else to build trust. Remember, if you do not trust your audience they will not buy from you. Therefore, it is important not only to build trust but also to maintain it.

One of the best examples of YouTube’s success is Ricky Gutierrez. Ricky has created a major YouTube channel with over 710,000 subscribers. All subscribers are interested in stocks.


Instagram is all about photos and one of the best social media platform to make money. So if you’re right with the iPhone camera, it can be one of the best paid social media platforms. Obviously, you’ll need to build the next one if you’re going to make money on Instagram. Here is a video from Improve Photography with helpful tips on growing your fans.

How do I monetize my Instagram?

You can make money on Instagram through affiliate products or courses, sponsored product content, and selling your portable products. So, how much do your Instagram followers cost? Some popular Instagram promoters with over 300,000 followers charge approx. $ 3,000 for one Instagram post with your product.

Yes, the products are willing to pay $ 0.01 per fan to advertise their product. You need to bring fans and keep your engagement levels high. The higher your followers and the level of engagement, the more you will be paid by posting ads. Also, you can link to compatible products for your IG posts. You will receive a commission whenever someone buys your link.


Pinterest is ready to drive traffic to your website which is another best social media platform to make money. Your goal is to write content for your blog, which is intended to sell the product. Avocadu does a really good job of building anchors around yoga and losing weight. Each pin takes you to the topic. If I have to click on a yoga pin, I will read a well-written article about yoga. At the bottom of the article, you can find the voice of their product, the Yoga Fat Loss Bible.

Avocadu sells yoga as a weight loss product. The more content they create when more traffic arrives on their website. With more traffic comes more sales. Pinterest is a great tool for driving customers to your website.


Facebook is the ultimate communication tool that is the most effective and best social media platform to make money. You can get freelance writing jobs or assistant work by sticking to the right groups. For example, joining the right Facebook group can earn you a self-paid gig.

best social media platform to make money

Getting a job on Facebook

Facebook groups are another powerful tool for marketing products. In fact, you create a group around a particular interest. I may be part of a certain Facebook group where owners sell their courses in the description.

The Facebook group is selling

People join a Facebook group for help. This group helps people learn to blog, but you can create a group around anything! Groups help people build community, get help, and share. You need to help the team grow, stay active, and remind people of your products.


LinkedIn is where your next job is. I don’t care if you want to be a lawnmower, a blogger, or get freelance gigs. Having a LinkedIn profile set up where you start to get the highest-paid job. I might consider hiring an SEO expert. Most SEO professionals will be staying in my city in your area, so I might try to find it on LinkedIn.

SEO LinkedIn Expert

This profile shows a broad history of performance in search engines. So, I might advise you to see if this person wants more work. LinkedIn is one of the leading social media platforms that pay you to get a job. You can get high-paying jobs or new contracts just by contacting.

FAQ on Best Social Media Platform to Make Money

How do you get paid for posting on social media Platform?

Product deals and product sales are the best ways to get paid by posting on social media. No matter, you will need a media to account to communicate with active and engaged fans. You can have social media following 10,000 people and get nothing if they are not promised.

Really take the time to create a platform before moving on to the next one. You can find product deals on blogging networks, such as izea. izea is a website that links powerful manufacturers. Your job is to communicate products and strike deals. Obviously, product deals are designed once you have created the following.

In the meantime, start with affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s products is a great way to see what they are selling. Create your own product once you have found something your audience likes. Too many creators create a product first and then fail. You do not know if your audience will like the product. Therefore, it is important to see what works!

Is social media a good for career?

Social media can be a great way to earn money as a side effect. However, you do not have a social media account which means it can be closed. Social media is a good job only when you are financially independent.

You don’t believe me? One search in my blogging group shows how many people are suspended. Just imagine, you have 300,000 Instagram followers. Good, huh? Now, imagine that IG suspends your account for a bribe or for breaking the law. Sometimes you lose your account even if you did not mean to break the law.

It happens every day. It is your salary that disappears quickly. Therefore, you should work on social media as a separate argument. Invest in money until you are financially independent. After that, you can quit your job and focus on social media to the fullest. I also recommend building your platform. No, not a social media platform. You can create your own blog or email list of your own.

Imagine, your YouTube account was suspended with 700,000 subscribers. Still, you have a great email list. Now, you can tell them to subscribe to your new channel. You may lose some of your income, but it has not been completely erased.

Final Thoughts on Best Social Media Platform

As you can see, there are a few social networks that pay you. You just have to know which media is right for you. Once you have decided, create the following before making money. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube are the best social media platforms to make money. Already you learned that which one is the best social media platform to make money. Each platform has its own strengths. However, you can still make money through sales and product interactions.

Collaborative marketing, sponsored content, and product marketing are great ways to make money on social media. Focus on your fans and followers. Getting more followers makes it easier to make money. Building fan followers is all about producing quality content, consistently. You have to understand properly what types of content your audience wants to see.

Social media is good work when you are financially independent. Account suspension is a real problem that can cause you to lose your income. So, focus on building your websites and email lists.

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