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Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh -Low Price Domain & Hosting

Are you looking for low-price domain and hosting? There is some cheap web hosting in Bangladesh. However, you need to be careful when selecting a web hosting company in Bangladesh. Make sure that the company you select is reliable and offers good customer support.

Don’t always go for the cheapest hosting in Bangladesh, it may harm your website and you get more server downtime. First, understand which hosting service you need. Make a little budget and purchase good web hosting.

Low Price/ Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh

There are many low price hosting in Bangladesh but all of their services are not good. I know you are looking for cheap web hosting in Bangladesh with good support and service. Here I listed some cheapest hosting in Bangladesh that provides good service and support.

05 Best Cheap Hosting in Bangladesh 2023

See below some hosting companies who provide cheap hosting in Bangladesh and give good support and services.

03. Xtreme Look Host -Best Cheap Web Hosting Provider in Bangladesh

Xtreme Look IT is a website development company. Xtreme Look IT provides also cheap hosting in Bangladesh. They offer different web hosting plans at affordable prices. You can purchase hosting from them because of their 24/7 fast support. Their service is satisfactory. They can help you to design your website, and content writing even AdSense approval also.

02. Hosting Bangladesh -Popular Cheap Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh

Hosting Bangladesh is a leading web hosting company in Bangladesh. They offer a wide range of web hosting plans at low prices. Their hosting plan starts from 5GB. Hosting Bangladesh also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

03. Bahari Host – Good & Cheap Hosting Provider in Bangladesh

Bahari host provides low-price hosting in Bangladesh. They are new in the hosting business. That’s why they offer more to attack customers towards them. They have different packages of web hosting. Check out their cheap hosting in Bangladesh. Bahari host offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

04. Dhaka Web Host -Old Cheap Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh

Dhaka web Host is another low price hosting company in Bangladesh. It offers a wide range of web hosting plans at affordable prices. Dhaka Web Host provides SSD hosting in Bangladesh. Each hosting plan includes good bandwidth, free SSL certificates, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and professional support.

They provide both daily and weekly backup services depending on the package you are using. Dhaka Web Host uses data centers from Hivelocity and Liquid Web which are located in USA and Canada.

05. HostMight -Low Price Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh

HostMight offers cheap web hosting in Bangladesh including fast page loading speed, security, and quick customer support. They use a high-performance SSD server with RAID-10. They use CloudLinux hosting to protect and isolate your data for optimal security.

You can get 24/7 access to their expert support team. They promise to provide you with exceptional service through a simple billing process. They have no setup or hidden fee.

These are the 05 best cheap hosting in Bangladesh. Hopefully, this list will help you to choose the cheap and best hosting.

Comparison of Cheapest Web Hosting Package Price in Bangladesh

According to disk space, here is only the list of different companies hosting package prices. You should also consider other hosting features such as RAM and bandwidth etc. Check out the different companies hosting price in BD. Xtreme Look IT only provides unlimited bandwidth at any of its hosting packages.

Name of Hosting CompanyDisk space/ storageRegular Price/ YearOffer Price/ Year
IT Nut Hosting5 GB3000 Taka1950 Taka
Hosting Bangladesh5 GB1500 Taka950 Taka
Hostever5 GB1500 Taka1500 Taka
HostMight5 GB2000 taka1400 Taka
zHost Bangladesh1 GB1500 Taka1500 Taka
HostSeba5 GB4512 Taka1425 Taka
Web Host BD2 GB1500 Taka1500 Taka
Diana Host1 GB1600 Taka1600 Taka
Dhaka Web Host1 GB1200 Taka1200 Taka
Xtreme Look Host1 GB1000 Taka1000 Taka
Bahari Host1 GB1000 Taka1000 Taka
Price Comparison of Web Hosting in Bangladesh
Cheap web hosting in Bangladesh

FAQ about Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh

When do you need cheap hosting?

There are many reasons why people choose to buy cheap hosting. The most common reason for using cheap hosting is to save money. Cheap hosting can be found for as little as 100 Taka per month or 1000 Tk/ year. Another reason people choose cheap hosting is that it is easier to set up a small website or blog.

There are many hosting companies that offer cheap shared hosting, so it is easier to find one that meets your needs. If you are a beginner, learning how to develop a website, making a small blog, or a small company, you can choose a cheap hosting package.

How to get good performance in low price hosting in Bangladesh?

Website good performance depends on a variety of factors, including the type of website you are running, the amount of traffic you receive, and the specifications of the hosting package and the company you are using. However, there are a few general tips you can follow to help ensure you get good performance from your low-price hosting plan:

  1. Choose a good hosting company that provides good features such as NVMe SSD disk space, not HDD disk space, and LiteSpeed server with good customer support.
  2. Select the right hosting plan. Don’t just go with the cheapest hosting plan you can find. Instead, take a look at the various features each plan offers and select the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you’re running a simple website with low traffic levels, you probably don’t need a powerful hosting plan.
  3. Optimize your website. Try to optimize your website for speed and performance. You can reduce uploading image size and website plugins. This includes using a caching plugin, compressing images, and using a content delivery network (CDN). You can hire a web developer to improve your website speed because google loves fast-loading site and rank them well.

When you should choose the cheapest hosting in Bangladesh?

There are many reasons to choose the cheapest hosting over more expensive hosting services. Cheap hosting is a great option for small businesses and personal websites. It is also a good choice for people who do not need a lot of features and do not mind a little downtime.

If you are just starting out and have a limited budget, cheap hosting can be a good option. Once your site starts to grow and attract more traffic, you can upgrade to a more expensive host.

What features you should look before purchasing a cheap web hosting?

If you are looking for cheap web hosting in Bangladesh, you should look for a company that can provide you with the best services at the lowest price. Wait, don’t always choose the cheapest option. Many scam sites may promise to host your site for a low price, but you won’t get the bare minimum of support from them, and you might not even get the bare minimum of features you need.

Even if you want to get a cheap hosting package, research the hosting company to see if it is legitimate or a scam. I have already listed the best cheap hosting providers in Bangladesh to make your work easier. Rather, choose one of the hosting providers from the list that will meet the needs of your website.

So what are the minimum features you can expect from a cheap hosting solution? You may know that an SSL certificate is essential for the security of your website, and the good news is that virtually every hosting company will provide you with one for free.

Some hosting providers will let you host multiple domains on the cheapest plan. You can also get a free domain for life or at least for one year, isn’t that good news? You can expect the best cheap web hosting services in Bangladesh to offer you features like one-click WordPress installation, reasonable bandwidth, anti-spam, security shield, and automatic backups.

Why You Should Purchase NVMe SSD Web hosting?

Slow websites usually annoy visitors and users. As a results you will lose traffic and reduce your product sales. So you should purchase SSD web hosting. Many Bangladeshi hosting companies do not offer this to save on the cost of replacing their existing hard drive.

However, currently, some of the best hosting providers offer SSD hosting. SSD hosting is expensive because SSD is technically much faster than SATA HDD. NVMe SSD web hosting price in Bangladesh is higher than Normal SSD hosting because NVMe SSD is much faster than normal SSD.

With all hosting packages included with pure SSD hosting, you get a 20X faster file management experience to speed up your website. While speed is not the only factor, it is the most important because Google counts page load speed. A faster website provides a better experience for visitors. It also offers the best possible experience for Google and its users.

Recommendation for Cheap Web Hosting in Bangladesh

If you have a very low budget, I would recommend you go for a Bahari host. It is one of the best cheap web hosting provider in Bangladesh.

If you have a low budget but are not very low, you can purchase Xtreme Look IT hosting. They try to provide always the best hosting support and services at a very affordable price. Contact us for the cheapest hosting in Bangladesh with good support and facility.

Final Words on Cheap Hosting in Bangladesh

There are many cheap hosting in Bangladesh. Before choosing your hosting, consider hosting features, support, and price also. I hope you enjoyed this article about “Cheap web hosting in Bangladesh”. If you have any opinions about the cheapest hosting Bangladesh or “low-price hosting in Bangladesh”, share them with us by commenting below. Thanks!

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