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How to Make Money with Photoshop? Work Online Jobs from Home

There are many online photoshop jobs that work from home such as graphic design & editing jobs. But, do you know properly how to make money with photoshop? You can also do photoshop jobs work from home or start a photoshop business by doing freelance photoshop work only if you are an expert in Photoshop software. Many people are concerned about How much money can you make from Photoshop. Read the full article to know more details about it.

Making money with Photoshop is like “how can I make money with this product or service?” The first thing you need to understand is that once you have polished your photoshop skills, you should learn how to market yourself. This is a complete concept and should be understood when trying to sell anything.

If the word “Marketing” seems to be a bit confusing it is about selling something through promotions, advertising, the stuff of that kind. So keep that in mind that marketing is something you will always do in a world to find jobs and clients.

How to Make Money with Photoshop? Work Online Jobs from Home

Making money with Photoshop is quite possible, but as long as you have a way with this tool. Beware of professionally processed images: advertising posters, packaging of different products – all made by the hands of designers.

Depending on your skills in photoshop, the most common function associated with photoshop is that you edit photos, color correction, plants, and small editing that enhances the image. There are many other things you can do such as making posters, banners, logos, and other graphic design work (although vector software is very popular). You can also use Adobe Photoshop to design t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc, and sell them.

Best 10 Ways to Make Money with Photoshop

01. Create Photoshop Tutorials or Courses and Make Money

If you are an expert in any skill, the obvious option is to offer a product of value that people will pay to transfer that skill. You can teach others by recording your tutorials or courses and uploading them to existing course markets.

For example, SkillShare and Udemy are good places to start. If you have a dedicated audience and product, consider selling your courses on your platform, directly to your audience. The SkillShare website states that new teachers earn an average of $250 in their first month, with the best teachers making $3,000.

02. Do photo retouch & editing jobs at online freelancing marketplaces

There are lots of online freelancing marketplaces where one can join as a photoshop expert and earn money by doing photoshop jobs from home. Fiverr, Upwork, and 99designs are the best places to show your photoshop skills for making money online. There you will find a lot of photoshop projects to work on online from home.

The best part of joining a freelancing marketplace is that it generally does not need any registration fee to join. These are good places for starters who don’t want to form a company and want hassle-free income. This is the most popular way how to make money with photoshop.

03. Create and sell graphics design service on Fiverr

Photoshop can be used to create all kinds of drawings, not just images. A great way to set up extra revenue streams is to sell Photoshop art – create ready-made drawings and sell them online for anyone who may need material.

  • Icons
  • Decorative images
  • Stock illustrations
  • Desktop/mobile wallpapers
  • Textures, shapes, stamps

For example, the creative collection “Offset” offers a variety of stamps, textures, photomasks, and retro drawings that consumers can use to enhance their digital photos. Some popular graphic design sites are,,, etc.

04. Create and sell manipulation photos on the stock image sites

If you have a ton of photos that have recently taken up space on the hard drive, why not use them and offer them as stock photos? Although these days stock photography sites, such as Shutterstock and 500px, have developed high standards and do not take anything for granted, rejecting as many images as they accept. Photographer James Wheeler gets approx. $500 a month with 350 photos (out of 750 submitted).

Although they sell a few for 500px for $5 -$50 per share, most of the revenue comes from microstock sites, where prices are set at $0.25 -$5.0 per image. Some of the other websites are,,,,, and so on.

05. Create and sell document Templates

When you are in the design business with Photoshop, the sky is the limit for what you can do. So why not expand on creating templates for different texts? This is another interesting idea on how to make money with photoshop.

People often look at ready-made templates to kick off their work with a note and look like trained, cohesive, or thoughtful experts. As with any digital product, your potential profit depends largely on how many copies of the product you sell, and the price of the product.

Here are some ideas of document templates that you can sell online to generate passive income using photoshop skills.

  • Resume/ CV templates
  • Ebook templates
  • Email templates
  • Magazine layouts
  • Wedding, baby shower, bridal shower invitations

A typical example is that of Janna Hagan’s, who sold resumes worth $5,000. You can be encouraged by his experience and story here. While this can be achieved by everyone, it is certainly irrefutable.

06. Design and Sell website template to make money

With a growing number of people who are not technically or technically skilled who are trying their hands at building their website, the news industry has become a website theme industry. Website themes allow you to create a website design and use that team over and over again.

You will be able to create a website design in Photoshop, however, to create usable themes, you will need to convert the layout into code. If you do not have the ability to code, consider hiring a freelancer for that job. As with any digital asset sale, the results vary and depend on different types. You can sell them at various locations:

  • Themeforest (for HTML & WordPress themes) – commission 12.5% ​​-55%
  • Creative Market (Magento and other platform themes) – 30% commission
photoshop jobs work from home

07. Start Passive Income by Selling Photoshop Service

To make your own item, you can consider selling your products on-demand printing (POD) sites. This is my favorite idea of how to make money with photoshop. The idea is simple:

  1. You upload designed product pictures of your print-on-demand website.
  2. The image is displayed as a sale on the products of your choice provided by the POD platform (standard products include t-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc.).
  3. You have to do little marketing your designed products if you want more sales.
  4. The POD provider prints and sends the products to the customer and you will get your commissions.

There are different prints on the demand sites you can use, many of which are very similar. They are:

  • Merch by amazon
  • Zazzle
  • Cafepress
  • RedBubble
  • Viralstyle
  • Teespring
  • Teezily
  • Spreadshirt
  • Sunfrog

At POD sites, you will be earning royalties on merchandise. Most sites allow you to set your own profit line, in addition to the basic POD provider price. So your profit margin depends on you. You can make over $1000 per month easily from POD. Read more Is selling t-shirts online profitable or not?

08. Using Photoshop Sell Banner, T-shirt, Business Card Design to Make Money

If you are really good at Photoshop-like if you really edit such great pic people will agree to pay you for that, Then you can open your page or shop on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

You can make a Facebook page where you can upload your photoshop related works such as mockups, retouched photos, etc. If visitors really like your editing then they will contact you via message then you can easily deal with them.

09. Do wedding photography work and edit with Photoshop

These free wedding photoshop Photoshop will enhance your photos and make them even more powerful with a few clicks. Suitable for all types of wedding photos. With them, you can make your shotgun soft and light, enhance the white contrast to accentuate the whiteness of the bridal gown, apply a beautiful black and white effect or change the image style to retro or vintage.

Adobe Photoshop will help you to enhance your wedding photos very quickly and easily. With them, you can adjust the brightness and contrast, adjust the wrong brightness and make the colors more vibrant in a few seconds! You can earn $500- $3000 per month by doing wedding photography work. This is the trending idea of how to make money with photoshop.

10. Create and Sell Mockup images to make money with Photoshop

Mockups are a potent grail of digital products. There are too many cases where they are most needed. From online retailers using print to the demand for branding professionals who need to showcase their new products available to customers, to software products that should be displayed on screens. In fact, most of the best-selling items on the Graphic River in 2023 are floodplains.

These are the best 10 ways on making passive income. I hope, you learned how to make money with photoshop skills.

how to make money with photoshop

FAQ on How to Make Money with Photoshop

How much money can you make from Photoshop?

From zero to infinite. It depends on your skills and marketing of your service. What is it? In all. What photoshop skills do you have? Which field would you like to use? The most obvious job is the retoucher. Even if you don’t have a killer photo, you can split it up separately or with a good photographer.

It all depends on the quality of your performance, your knowledge, and which audience you decide to target. The first self-employed retoucher will earn less money but a top professional can get lots and get the right clients.

How can you use Photoshop for a Career?

Those who wish to use Adobe Photoshop have many career options. Different activities can include touching professional photos on making flyers for your favorite group. The use of Photoshop (or other high-quality graphics program) will be required in all areas of work related to design and printing.


Photographers don’t just take beautiful photos; they build themselves using the help of Photoshop. As a photographer, you will be trying to create a beautiful image. This includes removing stains from your title, adding extra light sources, sharpening focus, and adding other creative elements to your photos. All of these things can be done easily using Photoshop software and effect.

Web Designer

As a web designer, it is your goal to bring your client’s ideas to life on a web page. You will create logos, navigation bars, backgrounds, titles, and additional images to help create the page. Photoshop has a comprehensive library of modifiers that you can use in your photos to help the webpage you create to make it stand out, look professional, and be easy to navigate.

Graphic Designer

The artists are the people who follow that great flyer of music you just saw at the train station. It is the job of the graphic designer to create flyers, logos, brochures, and page layouts that are creative and eye-catching. Designers work with a wide range of media including images, videos, text, styles, and layers of editing. The graphic designer’s work can appear online or offline and is used in a variety of publications.

Advertising Agency

As an advertiser, it is your job to make your product attractive and memorable to your customers. Advertisers can use Photoshop to create logos, brand packaging, banner and company ads, and more.

Advertisers can use Photoshop in their daily work by doing these things and editing company photos that will be displayed on company websites. Sometimes, the work of an advertiser and a graphic designer is combined, resulting in a single main function to make the promoting products and company brand materials.

Final Words on How to Money with Photoshop

An easy way to make good money is to ask your fast network if they need anything. Ask friends and family and perhaps classmates. At your current level, you can offer to design Business Cards, Logos, Banner, or graphics designs and do photoshop editing jobs from home. You will not make a lot of money but you will do a lot of work per hour compared to sites like Fiverr.

And if you do a good job you will have a network of people who will send you and that is why you get a lot of jobs. If you want to make more money, learn Adobe Illustrator also. It’s a much simpler program than Photoshop. But once you have learned that and basic drawing skills you can make local business logos and it is very profitable.

When you will expert, you will get photoshop editing jobs from home. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned “how to make money with photoshop“. Comments below your opinion about photoshop jobs work from home. Thanks!

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