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5 Best Site For Online Bus Ticket BD | Online Bus Ticket Booking

Online bus ticket booking is now easy in Bangladesh. Online bus tickets are so hassle-free and easy that online bus ticket BD is becoming popular day by day. Book your favorite such as green line online ticket and so may bus operators ticket in online easily. You can buy a bus ticket through bkash, Rocket, DBBL Nexus card, Visa card, etc. Now going home during Eid is so easy because of these online bus ticket booking sites.

05 Best Site For Online Bus Ticket BD -Booking Instantly!

01. BUSBD – A Online Bus Ticket Booking Site is an online bus ticket booking service in Bangladesh. You can reserve a seat by online bus tickets. They have many bus operators. Check their new website below and book now online bus tickets. To purchase an online ticket, You have to create an account by using your mobile number & email.

After booking and payment confirmation, You can download the ticket online. They will also give you the bus ticket to your email. You will just go to the bus counter with your printed online ticket before 30 minutes of the scheduled time. They will give you the real ticket from their bus counter. I booked a National Travels bus ticket from They have little service charge on a base fair. My ticket service charge was approx. 40taka (20 takas bkash fee+ 20 takas busbd fee) only. See below online bus ticket screenshot

Online Bus Ticket BD
National Travels Online Ticket at

BusBD Bus Operators: A.R Travels, Agomony Express, Akota Transport, Al-Mobaraka Paribahan, Alhamra Paribahan, Diganta Express, Ena Transport, Green Line Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Himachal Express, Kanak Paribahan Ltd, Manik Express, Nabil Classic, Relax Transport, Royal Coach, Rozina Enterprise, S A Travels, S.B. Super Deluxe, S.R. Travels, Shyamoli Paribahan, Saintmartin Paribahan, Saintmartin Travels, Sakal Sandhya Enterprise, Sheba Green Line, Sheba Transport, Shohagh Paribahan, Shoukhin Paribahan, Saudia Air Con, Star Line Special, Tisha Group, TR Travels, Tuba Line, Tungipara Express, etc.

Click Here to Book BD Bus Ticket Now!

Busbd Contact: 01700558805, 01746474780, 01727545460, 01992797700, 01992797701, 01992797702, 01992797703, 01992797699

02. BDtickets – Get Online Bus Tickets BD Here

BDtickets offers bus, launch, air flight, movies, etc. types of tickets. You can easily book a bus ticket there. Their service charge is also approx. same as To purchase online bus tickets, You have to create an account for Online Bus Ticket BD by using your mobile number & email.

Available BDtickets Bus Operators: Desh Travels, National Travels, Shyamoli Paribahan, Sonartori Paribahan, Saintmartin Paribahan, Surovi Paribahan, Sakura Paribahan, Saudia Aircon, Yellow Line, Shah Ali Paribahan, SM Paribahan, Hali Paribahan, Manik Express, Relax Paribahan, Himachal, SB Super Deluxe, AK Travels, Saint martin Service, Sarker Travels, AR Travels, Ekushey Express, etc.

Click Here to Buy Online Bus Tickets Now!

Payment System: Visa, Mastercard, DBBL Nexus, bKash, DBBL, Rocket, MCash, SureCash, My Cash, Ucash, IBBL, Robi Sheba, etc.

BDtickets Contact: Customer care number 16460

03. Shohoz – Get Online Bus Ticket BD has bus, launch, truck, movies, food, ride service etc. types of Service. You can buy online bus ticket bd from there also.

Available Bus Operators at Sohoz

Abdullah Paribahan, Akota Transport, Agomony Express, Al-Mobaraka Paribahan, Alhamra Paribahan, Barkat Travels, Chaklader Paribahan, Comfort Line Ltd, Dhaka Line, Diganta Express, Diganta Paribahan, Dipjol Enterprise, Emad Enterprise, Elish Paribahan, Ena Transport Ltd.

Green Line Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, HIMACHOL, Islam Paribahan, Kanak Paribahan Ltd, Manik Express, Nabil Paribahan, New S.B Super Deluxe, Ranga Provat Paribahan Ltd, Relax Transport Ltd, Royal Coach, Rozina Enterprise, S.B Super Deluxe, S.R Travels Ltd, Sagorika Enterprise.

Saintmartin Hyundai, Saintmartin Paribahan Ltd, Saintmartin Travels, Shahzadpur Travels, Sheba Green Line, Sheba Transport, Shohagh Paribahan, Shoukhin Paribahan, Shuvo Bosundhara Paribahan, Shyamoli Paribahan, Saudia Air Con, Saudia Coach Service, SP Golden Line, Star Line Special Ltd, Tisha Group, Tuba Line, Tungipara Express, etc.

Payment System: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Brac Bank, DBBL Nexus, City Bank, Bank Asia, MTB, DBBL, bKash, Rocket, Ucash, MyCash etc.

Shohoz Contact: Customer care number 16374

04. Green Line BD Bus Ticket

GreenLine Paribahan has its own website for online bus ticket booking. They have 1st Air-Conditioned bus service in Bangladesh. They have also the most luxurious models of VOLVO and SCANIA Imported from Europe, which provides the ultimate in passenger comfort and safety. You can buy Green Line Online Ticket through their website directly or can do online bus ticket booking from the above link.

bd bus ticket
Green Line Bus Ticket BD

GreenLine company at present operates more than 60 (Sixty) buses on schedule routes employing over 200 trained staff and ensure safe transport.

05. Desh Travels – A Site For Online Bus Ticket BD

Desh travels has its own website for online bus ticket booking. You can buy online bus tickets through their website directly. Desh travels has a partnership business with a sister concern of Jamuna Industrial Agro Group. They have Hino 1J plus 45 non a/c buses and 32 (Hyundai universe nobles) A/C buses.

FAQ on Online Bus Ticket BD

Which site is the best for online bus ticket booking?

Online bus ticket booking is very easy and popular nowadays. My option is because I used their service personally which is good for National Travels. Now our life is easier than before because of such privilege to get a bus ticket online in a hassle-free, smooth way. Now you need not waste your important time by booking a bus ticket at a bus counter. Just enjoy your time, go online bus ticket booking site and get online bus ticket BD instantly.

How to Book BD Bus Ticket Over Phone?

If you have a bus ticket counter number, you can contact them by phone and book a ticket on a scheduled date. In this case, you must have a contact number for bus operators. It is a common practice if you want to book your online bus ticket before your travel date.

However, most of the time you have to pay and collect your bd bus ticket one or two days before your departure date. I shared lots of bus counter mobile numbers in this post. You can easily book a bd bus ticket over the phone. But, my recommendation is to book an online bus ticket using the website.

Advantages Of BD Bus Traveling

  • Modern Bus has Wi-Fi hotspots
    In Bangladesh, there are other modern buses, that provide power stations and Wi-Fi service. When the battery in your phone runs out, you can charge your phone with a power supply. You can also use the free wifi app.
  • Don’t Worry About Your Luggage
    You don’t have to worry about your luggage because there are good arrangements on the bus to keep your luggage in a safe place. There is an extra luggage cabinet on the bus, where you can store your luggage.
  • No Pre-configuration
    For bus travel, you do not need to plan ahead. You can travel by bus from anywhere at any time. One of the good things about it is that people can get buses almost everywhere in Bangladesh.
  • Comfortable Seats
    You will find the best seats on the bus tour. On current buses in Bangladesh, they are offered very long seats for passengers to sleep in their seats.
  • Air Conditioning system on Bus
    Some Modern Bus Buses in Bangladesh are also provided with air conditioning so that a good air-conditioning system brings a new dimension of a comfortable journey in summer.

Disadvantages Of BD Bus Traveling

  • The Dangers of Bus Travel
    Apart from the positive side of buses, there are also some negative effects on bus travel. Below I have given the negative side of the bus travel such as over speed.
  • Many Stoppages at Bus Journey
    Some local buses in Bangladesh have no limits, continuing to pick up passengers. An overweight passenger causes an uproar on the bus. It is a major problem for local buses in Bangladesh.
  • Excess traffic jam
    Traffic Jam is one of the biggest roadblocks in Bangladesh. People often encounter traffic congestion when traveling by bus. Currently, in Bangladesh traffic congestion is very common, it can happen at any time. In particular, traffic is very high on Dhaka road.
  • Over Ticket Prices
    Sometimes in special cases, passengers have to pay extra for a bus ticket. It’s one of the biggest flaws on the bus.
  • Spending Precious Time
    For many reasons such as overcrowding, sometimes people are not able to get to their destination on time. You can avoid it by purchasing a bd bus ticket online.

Final Words on BD Bus Ticket

Bus service is the popular choice for people to travel during the festival time such as EID. Bangladesh has a modern network of high-end bus services and special buses on various routes. Online bus ticket booking is now easy and popular. The rail system is also popular in Bangladesh but improved rail connections have not been made in all regions even today. A modern and luxurious bus operates from Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka to Sylhet routes, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the bus is an easy way to get to Bangladesh. We have mentioned a number of bus service providers in our list who offer online bus ticket service bd. In our list, there are a large number of service providers operating in Bangladesh. I shared about the popular and trusted 05 sites for bus ticket booking bd. I wish you a safe journey. If you find this content useful, you can share it with your friends to help them get their online bus ticket BD.

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