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Simple Websites that Make Money -Best & Profitable Ideas

A good website can generate money. Do you need profitable website ideas to make money online? Let’s see some simple websites that make money and pick the best website ideas to make money. It is important to remember that, results can always vary. Experience, creativity, and resource management can play big roles in any successful business.

There are lots of website ideas but here I listed the top 10 profitable website ideas. You can pick these best website ideas to make money. But you have to research good keywords and competitor analysis perfectly. Otherwise, you may fail in this sector. Also, you have to write well content that is really helpful for your visitors.

10 Profitable Ideas of Simple Websites that Make Money Online

1. Blog Site -A Profitable Website Ideas

Without a doubt, starting a blog is one of the most popular business nowadays because of two simple reasons.

  • Anyone can be a blogger who has a good writing skill.
  • You can start a blog about anything (specific topic or niche).

Blogs are one of the most common types of simple websites that make money. Some website make articles on their blog page also.

But it is true that it takes time to build an audience, once you have got that, you are set now. You can monetize a blog in a variety of ways to maximize your revenue, and it can grow very quickly depending on how much content you can serve for your visitors.

Just make sure that you are releasing high-quality SEO-friendly content that follows a google guideline in a schedule.

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2. Ecommerce Site is the Best Website Ideas to Make Money Online

An eCommerce website is one in which visitors can purchase products from it which are they needed. You can earn 3 ways on the eCommerce website. They are:

  • Build an online retail store by selling your own products.
  • Create an online shop by selling other products (as a dropshipper)
  • Create an online shop by selling other products (Selling affiliate products)

The main difference between the three is that you do not purchase your products before someone buys them as a dropshipper. You can sell affiliate products and get a commission for that sale. These simple websites that make money more.

Thus, you can lower or minimize your initial costs. If you need a website, just contact us. We have a professional website developer to serve you a nice website within your budget.

3. Review Websites -Simple Website that can Make Money

People like to know about the quality of the product that they are buying before they actually purchase it. Review sites are given buyers that opportunity. These websites allow visitors to log in and leave a review on a product, service, movie, restaurant, or about anything else. However, you might be wondering how exactly do these types of websites make money.

Let me assure you if you can rank on google high position, review websites are extremely profitable. Include an affiliate link next to a product with great reviews has a proven track record of success sale and you will earn from your affiliate links. These are the simple websites that make money.

Profitable Website Ideas

4. Entertainment/ Media/ News Website -Best Website Ideas to Make Money

Entertainment websites can often bring in a lot of traffic and where there is traffic, there is ad revenue. People love keeping up with current events, entertainment, sports (Cricket, Football, Golf, Basketball, etc. ), news, and every other form of media out there. This is one of the most profitable website ideas because you can get lots of traffic on a news or media site.

5. Small Business such as Food/ Travel site -A Profitable Website Ideas

If you have a physical location or offer a local service such as car repairing, rent a car, ebook sale, career advice, food business, sports items sale and other services, etc. You can make food recipes. Food and beverage eCommerce revenue is 20 Million USD projected to  26 Million+ USD by 2022.

Many people do food reviews and earn a commission for that review. You can make rent a car website if you have a car business. Also, you can do career counseling. There are many small business ideas that you can start online eCommerce and can generate more sales and revenue. Some people fail who have not the best website ideas to make money. So, it is very important.

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6. Portfolio/ Personal Site -Simple Website that can Make Money

To earn money online is simple for those who have proper guidelines and website ideas to make money. Are you a graphic designer, freelancer, content writer, artist, or anything else, You can improve your chances of finding work by creating your own online portfolio (your skills description) This is simple websites that make money because it can bring in a lot of customers to increase your sales and income.

You can sell an ebook or online courses on your portfolio website. You can sell your service through your online portfolio website.

7. Questions and Answers Site -Simple Website that Make Money

Finding answers and problem solutions are more popular nowadays. Quora and Yahoo Answers are perfect examples of larger websites that use this model. They allow visitors to ask a question and also allow visitors to leave answers. It creates an interactive community the offers a great deal of help to virtually anyone.

Wikihow or is an example website for it. How-to articles that range from the simple.’s annual revenue is $86.2 million.

On top of this, most have forums and chats that allow visitors to chat with each other, which helps build a strong community. Wiki has become one of the most popular types of websites day by day.

8. Health or Fitness Tips site -Best Website Ideas to Make Money

Health and fitness are two giant areas of a focal point this year. From enhancing intellectual fitness and refining your usual well-being, to working in some rejuvenating self-care into your routine. The well-being scene nowadays is bursting with exceptional approaches to make your thought and physique a lot better. But how do you be aware of what to seem to be for when scouring the web for inspiring health websites?

People are so health-conscious during the COVID-19 situation. You can create health tips or fitness website. People always search for “How to lose weight?” Although it is competitive you can make a nice site on it. It will be very helpful in our everyday lives. It is one of the profitable website ideas. But, the noise of social media can go away us scratching our heads as to what practices are excellent to lead a healthful lifestyle.

9. Job website -A Profitable Website Ideas

Job boards allow employers to post a job and for job seekers to apply. For example, finding a science tutor, gardener, designer, delivery man in the local area can be very difficult for some time. An online job site can fix this issue entirely and can help people find exactly what they are looking for.

And of course, as the middle man, you can charge a small fee for access to the services. But initially, you should give free service until the website is popular. You may even bring in a few money through ad systems or selling banner space on the site.

10. Educational Site -Simple Website that Make Money

There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to education courses and expert of the specific subject. Offering detailed information on specific school topics like math and science, Information technology (ICT) and others can be a great way to target students.

You can make your content by writing a website article or making great video content that demonstrates how to solve a problem easily. These are the ideas of 10 profitable and simple websites that make money.

simple websites that make money
ideas of simple websites that make money

FAQ on Simple Websites that Make Money Online

How Many Ways to Make Money From a Website/ Blog?

There are many ways but Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways. You can use Google Adsense or alternative ads such as or others to make money. You can Sell Your Own Digital Product on your website. Lastly, you can Flip or Sell Your Website at a higher price. But you have to make a nice website that has more traffic.

What kind of website should i make to make money?

Read properly this article on our website so that you can see the best website ideas to make money online. I shared profitable website ideas so that you can earn $500 -$1000 USD per month easily.

How much money can you make from making a website?

A small website can earn $500 -$1000 USD per month that has 50,000 pageviews. Big websites can earn well over $3,000– $7000 per month. The average profitable websites can earn about $1500 in a month.

Final Words on Profitable & Simple Websites that Make Money

I discussed profitable website ideas that can be helpful for you if you pick the best website ideas to make money online. Choose the simple websites that make money online and can generate profit quickly.

If there are other types of simple websites that make money, you can share your thought about the best website ideas to make money, let us know in the comments section.

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