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7 Google Adsense Approval Trick & Requirements For Website

Today I will share how to get AdSense approval using the Adsense approval trick. Let’s see in details of google Adsense approval trick. Before google AdSense application, read the first google Adsense policy and make ready your website or blog according to their requirements. Then Apply for google AdSense approval.

Many People don’t read Adsense policy, do google Adsense application, and got rejected. Some are trying how to get google AdSense approval in 1 minute? It is not so easy what you are thinking about but also easy for those people who follow Adsense requirements deeply.

Follow These Adsense Approval Trick and Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

Google Adsense account are two types. One is a hosted Adsense account which is a blogger, youtube connected. Other is non hosted AdSense account which is a website (WordPress blog/ Laravel/ eCommerce site) based. Another AdSense account is called Admob Adsense that is for mobile apps.

Google Adsense Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You have to have an active Gmail account using that to Apply for Google AdSense.
  • You need to have a website, and that website needs to meet all of Google’s terms of service and google Adsense policy.
  • Must have high-quality content and non-copyright material.

If you have blogger website, and need to know blogger adsense requirements. It is same for all types of website.

Google Adsense Approval Trick (07 Best Tips)

  • You must have some pages such as Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us. If you can include Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer page, that will be better.
  • Your website or blogger site must not have copyright content and images.
  • Your website has at least 30-40 good quality articles that have minimum 500-600 word articles.
  • Add the google AdSense code properly to your website header.
  • Your website age should be at least 2-3 months old. I prefer 2 months minimum.
  • Generate some traffic approx 50-70 visitors per day which is not mandatory for Google Adsense approval, But if you get Adsense approval, you can’t earn money without traffic.
  • Make sure you submitted your website into Google search console and don’t block in robot.txt in google bot so that google can crawl your website easily. Also, submit a sitemap of your website so that Google can index your site.

Hope these google adsense approval trick will help you for you google adsense application and you will get get adsense approval soon!

Details About Adsense Approval Trick

As I got google Adsense approval into my website. You can follow my website Privacy Policy, About, Contact, Terms & Conditions, and Disclaimer page to get an idea of how to write these pages.

Your website must not have copyright content and images. Don’t copy others’ content but you can see their content on your related niche and get an idea to make unique content written by you. Also, put images which is copyright free. You can get copyright-free images from pixels, Pixabay, Unsplash, IndianStockPhotos websites but I recommended you try yo make thumbnail or featured images by own.

adsense approval trick

Put a minimum of 30-40 quality articles on your site so that you can get AdSense approval quickly. You can try also 20 articles. But my recommendation is that. Because I tried first on approximate with 21 Articles and got this message “Not enough content”. See below messages and then I increased my articles around 35 and applied google AdSense application got Adsense approval at last for this site.

I think that if there is no traffic on your blog or website then you should not apply for google Adsense approval, you can get AdSense approval in it. But you may have to face a problem because the entire earnings of AdSense depend on the traffic. If you do not have enough traffic, then you cannot earn.

More Tips For Your website:

  • Don’t make google Adsense application within 1-2 weeks after taking the domain. At least domain age minimum 1-2 months. Because Google AdSense mention that “Only for ads serving the purpose, they won’t approve Adsense and monetization of your website”
  • Make your website fast loading so that your visitors don’t go out. Try to make loading time at least 5-6 secs.
  • Spread website into social media and get more visitors from there.
  • If you get Google Adsense approval, don’t ever click ads by yourself or with your friends. Google is smarter than you. Your Google Adsense account will be disabled.
  • If you follow this AdSense approval trick, you will get Adsense approved as I got.
google adsense application

FAQ about google adsense approval

Is google adsense free to use?

Yes. Google Adsense account is FREE!

How to get adsense approval for new website?

I already shared google Adsense approval trick with you. Follow them properly and try google Adsense application. You will get Adsense approval by the grace of Almighty GOD.

How to get adsense approval for wordpress?

Follow above google adsense approval trick for your wordpress site.

What is blogger adsense requirements?

The blogger adsense requirements as same aboved i mentioned in the article.

How to get blogger adsense approval or blogspot adsense approval?

Follow Same google adsense approval trick for your blog site also to get blogspot adsense approval.

How much traffic required for adsense approval?

Traffic or visitos is not mandatory for Google Adsense approval. But if you get Adsense approval, you can’t earn money without traffic.

How to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute?

If you followed all requirements and tricks properly, You can get Google Adsense approval as soon as possible they reviewed your website. It may within 24 hours or even logner than 1 week. But if you are looking for still now “how to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute?” it’s quite impossible. Try to be logical and don’t live in dream world.

How much time take to approve google adsense?

The Google AdSense approval time may vary. It can be as quick as 24-48 hours but generally, it takes up to two weeks to get Adsense approval.

Can I buy approved adsense account for website?

Yes, You can. But I recommended that don’t buy google approved Adsense account. It may violate google policy and try to get Adsense approval by yourself. It will give you confidence in Google Adsense.

Why google adsense rejected my website?

Because you may violate the google policy. Read google policy which types of websites they allow for google Adsense. They didn’t allow cracked software download sites, sexual content sites, gambling sites, Tobacco, Alcohol sale, Recreational drugs, Guns, gun parts, and related products, Shocking content, online pharmacies. Better read Google publisher restrictions.

If you are getting these types of messages after google Adsense application such as valuable inventory: no content, not enough content, under construction, templated page, scraped content, nonsensical content, framed sites, Contact with me. Get Free suggests a possible solution. But if you follow my google Adsense approval trick properly, you will definitely get AdSense approval. After getting Adsense approval to share your experience with us!

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