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How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Mining? -Earn Crypto Coin

Are you interested in how to earn free crypto? Wanted to know how to get FREE bitcoins without mining? Let’s see how to earn bitcoins without mining. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Read the full article to earn cryptocurrency online free. Day by day cryptocurrency or Crypto Coin demand is increasing.

When I am writing this article in the year 2021 now 1 Bitcoin value= is 31,830 USD. The Bitcoin value always has ups and downs. Just search on google and you will see that last year 1 Bitcoin value was about from 10,000 USD to 40,000+ USD. Bitcoin has vast uses. Using cryptocurrency you can shop online. Some websites accept this cryptocurrency.

People are saving these Crypto coins and selling those when their value is increased. In near future, this type of crypto coin value will increase more. There are some other crypto coins like bitcoins, Ethereum coin, libra coin, ripple coin, Tron coin, dogecoin, and others. 1 Ethereum = 1,352.95 USD (Data collected from Google on 23 January 2021)

Details on How to Get Free Bitcoins Without Mining

Bitcoin has risen sharply in the last few years. Or should we say, a few months ago, mostly? Its price has risen to 250% from its original price, which was only a few dollars in 2010. On January 08, the year 2021, 1 Bitcoin = 40,675 USD (Data collected from Google). Just search on Bitcoin to USD and see on Google graph of 1 year of Bitcoin value.

The first blockchain cryptocurrency has been slowly finding its way into various industries and markets and finally, it seems that even those who did not believe in the practical value of these assets, can now see the explosion and expansion of the most advanced technology in the last decade. Are you not interested in mining and want to know how to get free bitcoins without mining? Blockchain is just a platform, and its technology allows those cryptocurrencies and their digital tokens to operate within them.

In fact, any non-recorded activity can monitor blockchain usage, whether it be medical records, immigration details, birth certificates, or insurance policies – all of that data can be stored and verified beyond the blockchain. The use of smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain – contracts that allow for the creation of contracts if certain conditions are met – will ultimately be a major issue.

What is Bitcoin & Why People Are Intersted To Earn Crypto Coin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that can be transferred from one person to another without any aid from a bank. However, people prefer crypto because it is a good way to save their money on inflation, and of course – more. For those seeking financial independence, whether, in the form of national or international banks and other institutions connected to the environment in which they live, blockchain technology has become a much better option than traditional finance.

While obviously, cryptocurrencies are a completely different approach, controlled by their users and vendors, not by third parties. You can use this bitcoin or cryptocurrency online shopping that accepted this. Read below on how to get free bitcoins without mining.

What Does Bitcoin Mining Mean?

Among the basic information about Bitcoin, you have probably heard about the mining process. Simply put, the process where you get to manage the puzzle to get your bitcoin. In this way, the bitcoin you get comes as a kind of reward. The mine itself is very important and much needed because the whole system depends on the miners. If it weren’t for mining, there would definitely be no bitcoin left.

A “puzzle” is actually a mathematical problem that needs to be solved in order to earn a certain reward. It is a competitive process in which many miners compete in problem-solving. The reward is around 6 bitcoins leading to a logical conclusion – just take the current value of one Bitcoin, and multiply it six times. You got the concept of how to get free bitcoins without mining.

how to get free bitcoins without mining

How To Earn Bitcoins Without Mining? -10 Ways

  1. Crowd Hosting is a platform that aims to create a large community of Bitcoin owners by gaining a crowd. In this case, start offering services on this platform so that users can donate their feedback to receive tokens as prizes.
  2. You can use your business to earn Bitcoins by simply saying you are ready to accept Bitcoins as payment. You got another idea on how to get free bitcoins without mining.
  3. You can earn more Bitcoins by performing certain tasks assigned to you by certain websites. In most cases, you should visit these sites and look at their ads. This never takes much time or effort, and the sites will pay you for Bitcoins in exchange.
  4. If you own Bitcoins you can still earn a lot with interest rates. So, you basically borrow some Bitcoins and charge interest on those loans. You can borrow Bitcoins from someone you know directly, or go through any trusted P2P platforms.
  5. You can even get deposits on Bitcoins, which is as amazing as it sounds. You can start a blog for example and earn a living on Bitcoins. This can be a good idea on how to get free bitcoins without mining.
  6. Trading your Bitcoins is one of the best ways to invest and earn more Bitcoins. You can create an account using a trusted CFD provider and deposit a small amount of money to start trading. You can also use automated trading applications like the bitcoin era to improve trading quality.
  7. You can also start working for companies that are willing to pay their employees on Bitcoins. So, you can get a job as a freelancer, as a writer or artist, and start earning Bitcoins as payment for the services provided.
  8. You may have gained Bitcoins by gambling, even if it is very dangerous. So, there are websites where you can play and earn rewards on Bitcoins.
  9. Bounty campaigns are rewards driven by incentives offered by launching people. Therefore, when starting a new service or product, it can offer prizes to people who are willing to do certain work for them. Participants will be paid in cryptocurrency for their services. Whether it’s posted on a social media website, sharing links, or doing sign-up campaigns, they will be paid for by businesses. Users can therefore do micro-tasking and earn Bitcoins. You got a nice idea on how to get free bitcoins without mining.
  10. Finally, the last idea on how to get free bitcoins without mining is to start blogging to get more Bitcoins. Bloggers aim to make money for their writing audience and businesses are interested in marketing their products to that audience. They will use ads and referral links to reach this target audience; there are blogging platforms these days that pay you in crypto for creating content.

How to Earn Free Crypto Coin?

A common question “Is mining the only way to get Bitcoin?” The simple answer to this question is No! Some people are not interested in learning about cryptocurrencies or do not have the resources to engage in mining and other activities. With resources, we mean specialized technology devices that are able to engage in that type of problem-solving.

However, that does not mean that they should simply avoid investing in bitcoin or earning bitcoin. It just means they have to find another way how to earn free crypto. Fortunately, today’s crypto market is open and open to anyone who shows a particular interest, so not only can you get the right information, but there are various other bitcoin sources that do not involve mining. If you’re not sure how to get started anywhere, here is our list of other ways how to get free bitcoins without mining.

Make Bitcoin Part Of Your Business

If you are already a business owner but are interested in expanding your portfolio and saving your money from financial and other financial-related issues you should definitely consider installing Bitcoin as a payment method. In this way, you will also be part of new companies designed for the future and in line with the latest trends.

Some Websites Give It You For Work or FREE

Just like mining, there is work and reward. The only difference is you only need your computer, your little time and a little patience and the reward will come. This means that there are certain websites you can visit, the ads you need to look at, the things you need to click on and you will be paid by Bitcoin.

Here, you trade your time or amount of Bitcoin clicks. Among the great variety of websites to solve the captcha and start earning free coins, you will easily find a couple to start with. Some websites such as CoinTiply, Coinbase, CEX, Lolli, where you can earn FREE Bitcoin. You got a nice idea on how to get free bitcoins without mining.

Borrow Bitcoin

As an easy loan, this option is suitable for people who already have a certain amount of Bitcoin. Borrow it and charge it – simple as that. This way, you will charge interest on your bitcoin loans, earning more bitcoin. The only thing you need to be aware of is the platforms you use to do that. Probably the best option is to start with someone you know, and expand your community a bit.


The obvious way to get Bitcoin is always available. In trading, you do not even need a certain amount of money to get started. There are many websites where you can open accounts and invest in small deposits to start trading. As the price fluctuates, you can buy or sell your Bitcoins and other currencies accordingly. You got a nice idea on how to get free bitcoins without mining.


While it may not sound like a good idea to participate in risky activities to earn digital money, the gambling industry went one step further, compared to other industries, and offers bonuses, jackpots, and regular profits and rewards

Conclusion on How To Earn Bitcoins Without Mining

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to get free bitcoins without mining. If you know more ideas on how to earn cryptocurrency online free, you can share with us by commenting below. Thanks!

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