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How to Earn Money as A Student in Bangladesh? (70 Ways)

There are many ways to earn money. But, you are searching for how to earn money as a student in Bangladesh? We will discuss today 70 ways of earning from Bangladesh as a student. Being a student is often the most important stage in a person’s life.

However, the study is a full-time job, so students who want to earn money start looking for part-time jobs that do not affect their studies. By making money online or online work, students can pay off their exam fees, pay off debts, save money, give an expensive gift to their friends, and achieve any other financial goal.

40 Ways of How to Earn Money as A Student in Bangladesh (Online)

  1. Freelancing/ Outsourcing
  2. Online Tutor or Coaching Center
  3. Spoken English
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. Career Counseling
  6. Blogging/ Making Website
  7. Sell Online Course
  8. SEO Work
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Be a Graphic Designer
  11. Sell Photos Online
  12. Logo, Banner Design
  13. Photo Clipping, Photo retouching, or manipulation
  14. Flyer/ Book cover/ Magazine design
  15. Web design
  16. Software developing
  17. Web Development / Programming (Php, Java, Lavarel, etc.)
  18. Web Hosting Service
  19. Digital Marketing Agency
  20. Boutique/ Clothing Online Shop
  21. Earn Money From YouTube
  22. Earn Money From Facebook
  23. Ecommerce Business Online
  24. Develop Mobile Apps
  25. Content Writing Online
  26. Captcha Entry work
  27. Video Editing
  28. Video Animation VFX/ Commercial Ads Making
  29. Captcha Solving
  30. Sell design on evanto/ 99 designs
  31. Ebook selling
  32. Service Selling on Fiverr
  33. Data entry work
  34. Article / Content writing
  35. Sell products on eBay
  36. Sell products on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit
  37. Forex Trading
  38. CPA marketing
  39. Bitcoin Earning
  40. Online Servey work

Most of the ways of how to earn money as a student in Bangladesh (online) are in details here-

Best Online Business Ideas For Students In Bangladesh

30 Ways of How to Earn Money as A Student in Bangladesh (Offline)

  1. Tea Or Coffee shop
  2. Gifts shop
  3. Flower shop
  4. Used Products Shop
  5. Food delivery
  6. Book Store
  7. Pet Shop
  8. Start Photography
  9. Event Organizer
  10. Coaching Center
  11. Fresh Juice Shop
  12. T-shirt Selling Business
  13. Photocopy Business
  14. Digital Printing Press
  15. Car Wash Service
  16. Restaurant part-time job
  17. Call center Representative
  18. Take care of childs
  19. Receiptionist of the company (Especially for females)
  20. Join as a Pathao Driver
  21. Join as a Uber Driver
  22. Be Assistant of a Senior
  23. Laundry service
  24. Salesperson of any shop
  25. Buy Wholesale Products from factory and sell those to retailer
  26. Block/ Batik print work
  27. Become A Fitness Instructor
  28. Fuchka / First food shop
  29. Travel planner
  30. Tailoring and clothing repairs

Most of the ways of how to earn money as a student in Bangladesh (offline) are in details here-

Profitable Small Business Ideas In Bangladesh

Earn Money as A Student in Bangladesh

Our Recommendation on How to Earn Money as A Student in Bangladesh

Choose the best one which is suited for the best of you. Offline ways may need some investment initially but almost all online ways to earn money need not investment. As a student, you have not so enough money, So our recommendation is to try online ways. Because these are without investment ways and you can start immediately if you have a PC/ Laptop/ Mobile and a good internet connection.

Why Some Student Can Earn Money And Some Are Not?

Because most of the students try to find out the shortcut way. There is no shortcut to being a successful man/ woman. Yes, maybe some tricks you can apply but you have to work hard to get success. and some students always jump from here to there. They didn’t try one way. They tried many ways and feel hopeless at last without any success. If you need success in any subject, you have to work hard and must be skilled in that subject/ topic/ profession. You can start with an online job bd

What Type of Skills You Need to Start Earning Money as A Student in Bangladesh?

If you want to learn graphic design, You have to expert on these Softwares-

  • Adobe Photoshop 2022
  • Adobe Illustrator 2022

If you want to learn vedio editing, These Softwares can help you-

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Camtasia
  • Sony Vegas Pro

If you want to learn data entry or article wrting, These Softwares can help you-

  • Mircosoft Word (For Article writing/ Office work)
  • Mircosoft Excel (For Data entry/ Office work/ Business work)
  • Mircosoft PowerPoint (For making a presentation)

You can find lots of free video tutorials on Youtube about these softwares.

Conclusion to Earn Money as A Student in Bangladesh

For anny students, to earn money online without investing is happiness. If you are good at writing, editing, editing, photography, designing, and any other such skills, you can earn money online as a freelancer. You just need to register as a freelancer on portals like Upwork, Fiverr, or any other freelancing marketplaces. Then you can start marketing your skills to potential customers.

One of the best ways for students to earn extra money is to do small jobs or start a small business. There are many reputable micro job sites you can join to advertise your skills and services by posting any activity or service you can sell for a limited amount of money for each activity or service provided.

Making money online is entirely possible for students. If you have job skills, Click here to see the latest private job circular. I hope, you liked this article on “how to earn money as a student in Bangladesh?”. Leave your comments below and share this article with your friends.

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