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Bangladeshi Freelancing Site -Best 05 BD Freelance Website

Looking for a BD freelancing site? There are few freelancing websites in Bangladesh. We listed here the top 05 Bangladeshi freelancing site. These are freelancing websites for students in Bangladesh. Most of them are new, so the workflow is less there now. But in the future hopefully, the workflow will increase in those Bangladeshi freelancing websites.

I wrote another article on international freelancing marketplace lists such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Don’t forget to check out those lists where most of the top Bangladeshi freelancers work and earn lots of money, I mean lots of dollars. It sounds good when we saw a freelancer earn $500 -$2000 USD per month.

But, you have to focus on his/ her work also. How much time does he give on that platform? How much skilled he is? How does he learn all these things? After a certain period of time, he earns lots of money. In the beginning, he was just like you. So, before joining any freelance site in Bangladesh, develop your skills first and then start your freelancing career.

Best 05 Bangladeshi Freelancing Sites in 2023

These are the local freelancing marketplace that will give you the opportunity to profit by using your special skills. However, if you are not comfortable with the international freelancing marketplace, these local BD freelancing sites will help you a lot. Because of less competition and local currency withdrawals such as bkash. You need to choose which freelancing site is best for you.

01. Belancer– Best Bangladeshi Freelancing Site

Belancer is an old and popular Bangladeshi freelancing site. The website is created only for BD freelancers. Belancer is the number 01 place on our top 05 BD freelancing site list because this website was launched in the interest of the Bangladeshi govt. ICT minister Zunaid Ahmed palak. There are a few jobs posted in a week. May in the future, the workflow will increase and go to a better position day by day. You can withdraw money there using bkash.

02. kajkhuji– Popular Freelancing Website In Bangla Language

You can hire perfect Bangladeshi freelancers for your projects from there. You may ask how works. The buyer will post projects on what are their needs to be done. You have to make a freelancer profile to bid on the job.

The buyer will browse profiles, and reviews, then hire his/her most appropriate freelancer from there and the project will be started. Using this platform, you can chat and share files. With their protection, money is only paid for work when the buyer will authorize it.

03. Outsourcemyjob– A New Bangladeshi Freelancing Site

Hire affordable freelancers for your online job. Freelancers for IT and Admin jobs. This marketplace is like other freelance marketplace and also have the same categories of job. They also said, “ is the first Bangladeshi freelance marketplace”. But they have less workflow, maybe in the future workflow will high. You can register here also.

Withdrawal Fees of this site:

Express WithdrawalFREE
Skrill (Moneybookers)FREE
Payoneer Debit CardFREE
International Wire$25.00 USD

They have minimum withdrawal, after fees, of USD $30.

04. FreelancerBangladesh– Another BD Freelancing Site

Freelancer Bangladesh is a freelance platform for freelance jobs and outsourcing. There are various types of freelance work such as web developing, Graphic design, Logo, banner design, mobile applications, data entry, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, admin support and thousands of projects like popular marketplace fiverr.

They said quick and easy to find work, hire someone and pay the most professionals at any time. So you can provide your outsourcing jobs here and be happy with freelance work. I found it a fully newly developed website and less workflow till now but can register here. A nice feature is they integrated SSLCommerz which is a secure payment process.

05. Shocchol– Freelancing Websites In Bangladesh Like Fiverr

Shocchol is another freelancing site in Bangladesh. For those who are afraid of English and who cannot work despite having the skills, shocchol is a good choice. You need to open an account as a freelancer on the site and post job offers. There are also gig publishing opportunities like the Fiverr Site.

If you have job-required skills and a good rating, employers will offer you a job. You don’t need any education to work here, but you do need skills. Daily lots of online jobs are posted on that site.

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Benefits of Freelancers on Bangladeshi Freelancing Site

As Bangladeshi, we face various problems while working on famous international freelance sites. But there are two main problems with working on these platforms and those are Communication and Method of payment. Most freelancing sites make payments via PayPal, which is not yet recognized here. So Bangladeshi freelance sites can be the solution to these problems.

I have discussed the 05 best freelancing sites in Bangladesh where you can create a freelancer profile to get work and hire a freelancer to get the job done.

Benefits of Employers on Bangladeshi Freelancing Site

The 05 Bangladeshi freelancing websites are not just for helping people who want to work there. If you need to hire a remote worker or freelancer from Bangladesh, you can do it quickly on these bd freelance sites. Since everyone speaks Bengali, you can communicate with your freelancer and the freelancer will understand your requirements easily. As a result, you will get a better output of your work.

Moreover, the price of work in foreign freelance markets starts from 5 dollars, but here you can get the same work for 200-300 Taka. So if you hire from a Bangladeshi freelancing site you can save a lot of money.

bangladeshi freelancing site

FAQ About BD Freelancing Site

What are the best freelancing sites in Bangladesh?

Analyzing all aspects, we found the best freelancing sites in Bangladesh in 2023 are Belancer and Kajkhuji. Now tell me what you think about which one is the best freelancing site in Bangladesh for you.

How much a freelancer can earn in Bangladesh?

It depends on his/ her skills. Many Bangladeshi freelancers work in the international freelancing marketplace and earn a lot of money approx. 20,000 taka to 150,000 taka per month. I won logo design content and earned $200 USD in one day from 99designs. That was my first freelancing income.

Read more: How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day?

How much opportunity of Freelance jobs for students in Bangladesh?

Yes, there is a huge opportunity for Freelancing jobs. Freelancing jobs are available for students but you must have some skills to do it. You need some software skills such as adobe photoshop for photo retouching and background removal, banner, Visiting card, and graphic design. Adobe Illustrator for logo design etc.

For Web development, you have to be skilled in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Laravel, and other things such as CMS WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Magento, etc. For Digital Marketing and SEO work, you have to be skilled in keyword research, On-page and Off-page SEO such as Backlinks building, etc. For SEO experts, there are many jobs available on freelancing sites. Read the below articles which will help you to make money online.

Final Thoughts on Bangladeshi Freelancing Site

In modern society, people want to do more income and do online job from home. And that’s why the amount of freelancing is growing day by day. Freelance work has become very popular, especially among young people. Thousands of people choose to freelance to change their financial situation. For this reason, many new websites are currently being built. Staying home offers the opportunity to work regularly.

For most of the freelancing sites, we discuss you only need to sign up for an account and create a profile. However, be sure to double-check how each website works automatically before signing up for an account. Consider payment systems, withdrawal methods, and service charges. We wish you the best of luck in finding the best independent project.

I hope you enjoyed this article on “Freelancing Websites In Bangladesh“. If you think, we missed an important freelancing site, just comment below that site name. We will include that bd freelancing site in our list. If you have any suggestions on the Bangladeshi freelancing site, share them with us by commenting below. Thanks!

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