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How To Get Instant Virtual Debit Card Online For Shopping?

Your first question is “how to get an instant virtual debit card online?” I discussed details in this post on how to get a virtual debit card easily online. Using this instant virtual card, you can do online shopping, Netflix, and much more. Spend online anywhere Without local restrictions. They have no minimum balances or monthly fees.

People search online “how to get the instant virtual debit card free?” We are talking about the instant virtual debit card named Airtm Virtual card. Airtm Virtual Debit Card launched recently in 2020. With an Airtm account, you can convert your currency such as the Euro to Dollar or Pound to Dollar, and much more. Opening the Airtm account is fully FREE!

How To Get Instant Virtual Debit Card Online- Airtm?

After opening Airtm account, now spend your AirUSD on a new Airtm virtual debit card! A few things to know:

  • This is a multi-use prepaid virtual debit card ($0.5 -$1 fee per purchase).
  • You can make purchases anywhere online where Mastercard or Visa is accepted (in any currency)!
  • Card and purchases made are non-refundable.
  • Adult content and gambling purchases are prohibited.
  • When inputting your billing address or postal code during purchase, use the Airtm US headquarter address:
       8 The Green, Suite A
       Dover, Delaware 19901
       United States

Process For Getting Instant Virtual Debit Card Online:

  1. Login Airtm account and verify it first using phone number verification and others.
  2. Then click on the new “Virtual cards” tab (See below Screenshot image 01)
  3. Select “Get a card” and follow the steps to purchase a virtual debit card. (See below Screenshot image 02)
  4. Spend the money online anywhere using this Airtm debit card where Mastercard or Visa are accepted! 

Click To Order Airtm Virtual Card

Step 1:

how to get virtual debit card
Images of how to get virtual debit card – Airtm

Step 2: Choose the amount you want to load on card. As it is non-reloadable card. try to load more on first time. Airtm USD to Main USD conversion approx 10% fee.

Instant Virtual Debit Card Online

Step 3: After clicking next and cofirm button, you will get a message that card purchased successfully.

instant virtual debit card online Airtm

Where Can You Use This Instant Virtual Debit Card?

You can use this virtual debit card anywhere online that accepts VISA card/ Master such as You can buy Godaddy domain and hosting service, Porkbun, Namecheap, Hostgator, Bluehost, or any other shopping site. I bought 3 domains personally from Porkbun using this instant Virtual debit card. You can buy Netflix using this card. You can do also Facebook page boosting or youtube video boosting using this virtual debit card. You can use Google ads or even google play for buying games and so more.

You will get a Virtual card number after purchasing Airtm Virtual debit card and CVC code on your Airtm account. Using this you can easily buy anything and do payment anywhere. During purchasing anything you have to use their address, not yours. You will get more instruction on your Airtm account.

You can also reload USD on this virtual debit card online. Although you have done little fee it is hassle-free. It is very easy to use and secure who do regular online shopping. Because you just reload a small amount of money and spend it. No worries about VISA/ Master Card hacking and stolen. As you have not any physical card, so a thief can’t steal from you. Also, a physical card always needs to keep with you when you are traveling but with this instant virtual debit card online, you will get rid of all those things.

Also whenever you will pay bills for anything, those shop owners won’t get any information about you. I think, a lot of benefits to this instant virtual debit card and security. You will get this virtual card instantly after paying the money. You can use a custom amount of money. You can load 10 USD or 100 USD or 1000 USD depending on your spending. This instant virtual debit card Validity is 12 months.

FAQ for Instant Virtual Debit Card Online (User point of view)

  • How a new user will understand the process of ordering a debit card from Airtm? –Ans: It’s very easy. Although you know that all the above steps for ordering the card. Just create an Airtm account and load the fund there. Then Order a virtual card with just one click. Then you will get the virtual card number and CVC code for using it. See the below video for details.
  • After purchasing the card how a user can add funds to the virtual debit card? –Ans: You can add funds or reload money to the virtual card using the Airtm account by various methods such as Paypal and any other payment gateway that your country has. See the below video for detailed instructions.
  • What types of currency a user can add to his debit card? -Ans: You can add any currency which you want.
  • If a user has USD, GBP, and EUR in his Airtm Account then how he can convert them and then add funds into his debit card. -Ans: Yes, a user can convert USD to GBP, GBP to USD, and EUR to USD or vice-versa in his Airtm Account and purchase the virtual debit card. See the below video for more details.
  • How can a user see his current balance? -Ans: Using the Airtm account you can see the balance.
  • What if the balance is zero (0) then from a business point of view how can I push the user to add funds to his debit card or keep active the debit card? -Ans: See the below video.
  • How a user can cancel/ block the debit card? -Ans: See the below video.
  • How a user can order another/ renew the current debit card after the card block? -Ans: Yes, a user can order another debit card. Also, you can order many virtual debit cards at a time. See the below video
  • How easily a user can see the transaction history with all details? -Ans: Users can see the transaction history on their Airtm account. If the user clicks on a single transaction history then he can see short details of his transactions and at the same time, he can repeat the transfer & see the detailed transaction story. See the below video for more.
  • The current balance and Virtual debit card balance are together on the same screens. –Ans: Yes, you can see both balances on the Airtm account. See the below video
  • In transaction details, A user can see the payment transferring process, currency conversion, each single fee detail, and he can download a simple statement/ invoice from his Airtm account also. –Ans: See the below video

Video for details on How to Get Instant Virtual Debit Card Online (Airtm)?
Vedio in details on how to get instant virtual debit card online- Airtm

What Is a Virtual Debit Card Number and How Does It Work?

Virtual debit card numbers are a convenient way to purchases something online. Thanks to the virtual card number, you can make online purchases more quickly and securely, and you don’t even have to pull out your wallet. For more information on the work experience, the virtual card number, and how it can help you keep your account secure.

You can use the virtual debit card-just as you would with your credit card, it is not just an online store, start the checkout process and use the virtual card number in order to make a purchase. Virtual card numbers are not to be ideal for online shopping that you plan to take this personally. If you need to wrap in a map, in order to verify your identity, your number will not match that of the virtual numbers. This can be applied to the facts which are related to tickets, hotel reservations, purchasing, and pick-up. It can also be a problem with the to accept the goods in the store. If, in such case, the terms of your purchase, it may help to contact the company before purchasing.

How To See Airtm Instant Virtual Debit Card Balance?

Users can see the current balance and Instant virtual debit card balance on his Airtm account. If the user clicks on a single transaction history then he can see short details of his transactions and at the same time, he can repeat the transfer & see the details transaction story.

Who Needs This Instant Virtual Debit Card?

Especially this card is needed who do purchase online frequently and want to secure their physical Mastercard. It can be very useful for those who have blocked their Mastercard on Facebook payment for Facebook ads boosting. People need many cards for online page boosting for their product branding promotion and sales. This is the perfect solution for them. There are many companies that provide virtual cards also such as Skrill, Privacy, Neteller, Swiftpaycard, etc. You can order this instant virtual debit card online many times. So, if you need many virtual cards for different purposes, you can use them.

Can I Use This Virtual Debit Card for Netflix?

Yes. You can use it for netflix subscriptions.

Why I Use this Instant Virtual Debit Card?

To get a Mastercard, I have to go to the bank and create a bank account. After that, I can issue a Mastercard and also have to annual fees for it. But for this virtual debit card, I didn’t go to the bank and I can get instantly the virtual card with a small one-time fee and have no annual fees and hidden charges as other Mastercard companies do. Also, in some countries, getting a physical MasterCard is not easy and so many hassles. To avoid all hassle, you can get it easily online with just one click. That’s so cool for me.

Final Words on Virtual Debit Card Online

I hope, you got a solution on how to get an instant virtual debit card online. If you think, this article is helpful for you, don’t forget to comment below and share it with your family and friends so that they can easily get this instant virtual debit card online also. You can see more articles on our website. Thanks!

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  1. I really needed an Instant Virtual Debit Card. After following the procedure, i took one virtual card and it worked. I did shopping using this card. Thanks!

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