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How to Get International Mastercard in Bangladesh? -Dual Currency

Looking for International Mastercard in Bangladesh? This post is perfect for you to know details about dual currency Mastercard and apply procedures. Many of us do online business or freelancing work. So they need to pay online for other countries’ workers or their services such as domain hosting, software development, apps development, web design, etc.

Or you may need to purchase things from foreign online stores such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. That’s why needed a MasterCard that supports both countries. As the most worldwide currency is USD (United States dollars), so need a dual currency Mastercard that supports USD.

How to Get an International Mastercard in Bangladesh?

To get an international MasterCard in Bangladesh, You must have a Bangladeshi passport. Many banks issue an international debit card MasterCard. Bangladesh Bank Circular, an international card can be issued against a customer’s foreign currency account likely Resident Foreign Currency Deposit, Foreign Currency account. These cards contain both an EMV chip and a Magnetic line for widespread acceptance and cannot be used locally.

This card can be issued to any MasterCard card that accepts the POS terminal or ATM since this card is compatible with EMV chip-based. You can submit an application form to any branch of the Bank (Dutch Bangla, Islamic bank, Bank Asia, AB bank etc.). You need some documents to get a mastercard in Bangladesh.

  • Two copies of your Color Photo
  • Copy of TIN certificate
  • Copy of Passport (Pages 1-6 and renewal page)
  • National ID (Smart card)

Eastern Bank offers aqua MasterCard for the student. South East Bank also offers pre-paid MasterCard for the student. Getting a MasterCard a valid Bangladeshi passport is required.

How to Get Shadhin MasterCard?

Bank Asia has introduced “Shadhin” MasterCard to bring the money earned by online freelancers to the country in a legal way. You can apply for a dual currency Mastercard in Bangladesh.

Advantages of Shadhin MasterCard

  • Bank Asia “Shadhin” MasterCard is a dual currency card. You can do online transactions in Bangladeshi “Taka” and International “USD” currencies.
  • This card can be used in the name of both individuals and companies.
  • The benefit of keeping up to 60% of the earned foreign currency in an “independent” card through which there is an opportunity to make online or e-commerce transactions.
  • There are insurance benefits for cardholders.
  • Opportunity for 100% conversion into domestic currency which will ensure full utilization and investment of foreign exchange earned by freelancers in the economy of the country.
  • Withdrawals and payments through ATMs and POS machines at home and abroad.
  • E-commerce and all types of online shopping (Bangladesh and international).
  • The card will have a microchip attached, which will ensure data security.
  • Free SMS alerts service on every transaction including deposit, payment, and withdrawal.

What documents you need to get Shadhin MasterCard?

  • Filled card application form.
  • NID Card / Passport / Driving License.
  • Copy of TIN Certificate / Tax Return.
  • Two copies of the color picture.
  • Work Order / Marketplace ID Number / Payment Receipt Copy / Freelancing Confirmation Paper.

Download Shadhin MasterCard Application form. Shadhin MasterCard annual fee is 500 taka (BDT) + (VAT) 75 taka= 575 Taka.

Islamic Bank Mastercard Details

To meet the long-term need of IBBL Debit Cards cardholders to enable transactions (ATM, POS & eCommerce) in both BDT and USD currencies, IBBL will introduce “VISA International Dual Currency Platinum Debit Card” compared to IBBL eligible deposit accounts on Current Wadiah Account & Mudaraba Conservation Account, etc. Against each travel assignment, any limit is allowed in accordance with the direction of the Bank of Bangladesh. This dual Currency Platinum Debit MasterCard issuance fee is 500 Taka (BDT).

AB Bank Mastercard Details

Enjoy the best benefits of your AB Bank World MasterCard Credit Card with every use. AB Bank World MasterCard Credit Card has been accepted at more than 40,000,000 (40 Million) merchant points and more than 2,000,000 (2 Million) ATMs inside and outside Bangladesh.

This card can be used for general purchases from Super Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Hospitals, Jewelry to Electronics, and Computer Stores. AB Bank World MasterCard’s maximum credit limit of 10,00,000 Taka (BDT) in accordance with Bangladesh Bank guidelines. For any inquiry on their dual currency MasterCard, simply call 16207 which is AB bank’s customer care number. Apply now for AB Bank Mastercard in Bangladesh.

DBBL Mastercard Details

Dutch Bangla Bank issues an International MasterCard debit card. These cards contain both an EMV chip and a Magnetic line to be widely accepted and cannot be used locally. This card can be issued to any MasterCard card that accepts the POS terminal or ATM.

Since this card is an EMV chip-based card, this card transaction is more secure which protects cardholders by preventing card copy copying and ensures the advantage of credit card protection that protects cardholders from non-EMV terminals. The issuance Fee for is USD 17.25 (Including VAT). Application form of DBBL MasterCard.

City Bank Mastercard Details

The MasterCard Debit Card is also available in standard BDT which enables you to use easily and securely in about 20000 City Bank POS machines throughout Bangladesh and you can access your money at 346 City Bank ATMs and any other bank ATM with the MasterCard logo in Bangladesh. This bank Mastercard Annual Fee is BDT 500 and Card Replacement Fee is BDT 300.

Does this Mastercard Support Youtube Videos and Facebook Page Boosting?

Yes. Shadhin MasterCard Supports Youtube Videos and Facebook Page Boosting which is provided by Bank Asia. You can click here to Create Payoneer Account and Get a $25 Bonus when you will receive a total of $1000 from the marketplace in your Payoneer Account. Payoneer nowadays provides also virtual Mastercard.

international mastercard in Bangladesh
image of international mastercard in bangladesh

FAQ about International Mastercard in Bangladesh

Which Bank Provide Mastercard in Bangladesh?

Many banks provide Mastercard in Bangladesh such as Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL) and their card name is MasterCard International Debit Card. Eastern Bank Ltd. provides EBL Mastercard Aqua Prepaid Card, Bank Asia provides Shadhin Mastercard, Islamic Bank (IBBL) provides Platinum Mastercard. AB bank provides Mastercard and some other banks also provide Mastercard.

How to Get a Dual Currency Mastercard in Bangladesh?

To get a Dual Currency MasterCard in Bangladesh, You must have a Bangladeshi passport. When you use a debit/credit card abroad, the transaction is converted into the currency of the country where your card was issued. For example – I’m in Bangladesh – our currency is the Taka (BDT). If you want to visit your friends & relatives in Australia for six weeks. Then you need to use the Australian Dollar (AUD).

When you will see your bank statement after I returned home – were all the entries for your time in Australia – in Taka (BDT) with the dollar conversion at the end of the details for the entry.

Summary About Mastercard in Bangladesh

Nowadays, Visa Mastercard and Virtual MasterCard are slowly gaining popularity. Because if you have to go to Bangladesh to get a dual currency Visa or MasterCard, you must need a valid Passport, moreover there is no way. If you want to get a Virtual Visa or MasterCard, you can get it only by paying money.

I have my own Payoneer MasterCard and a virtual MasterCard because with this card I can buy international domains or hosting services, do YouTube videos and Facebook page boosting, various other work can be done such as payment on freelancing marketplaces (Fiverr, Upwork, etc).

I hope, you enjoyed the article about International Mastercard in Bangladesh and found it helpful for you. Don’t forget to comment below and share it with your family and friends. Thanks!

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